About us

J.P. & CO srl, comes from the synergy of two brothers, Josè and Paolo, that working in the field hail dents without painting, have merged their skills and knowledge in one company. Bragging about a ten-year experience, J.P. & CO is the leading company in Italy in the production of equipment for Pdr, used to work on all vehicles that need repair and restoration of damaged bodywork of hail or for various dents facilitating technical in bringing back the plate to its original state without damaging the painted surface. This creates an advantage by reducing the cost and time of repair. The many experiences on building sites in Italy and abroad, capable of operating in all conditions, have forced the brothers to design and build, more and better tools to run to perfection of the works carried out. All of our levers are made in Italy by skilled technicians experts, taking into account the functionality, practicality, sturdiness but also of elegance that a skilled technician must have equipment. This wealth of experience and knowledge is now made available to all industry professionals with the marketing of the kits of equipment ranging from the levers for action on stamp, lamps for monitoring but also for polishing and car care products. Our direct experience on the repair of vehicles damaged by hail leads us to manufacture and sell tools always more appropriate and professional.